Performance minerals

Cebo International's Performance Minerals product portfolio comprises Bentonite, Barite, and Zeolite mineral solutions, designed for use in a diverse range of industries. In particular, our Performance Minerals are used to optimise processes and also enhance existing properties of our clients’ products during the manufacturing stage.


For the Beverage industry, Cebo supplies Bentonite stabilizers and clarifiers for wines, beers and juices, designed to improve their appearance and shelf life.


The density of Barite is extremely useful within the Automotive industry including being used in the manufacturing of brake pads; the use of Barite reduces wear and tear and improves braking performance.


It’s white/colourless appearance makes Barite an ideal filler product to improve brightness and opacity within the Paint industry; this, combined with Barite’s density enhances the rheological properties and adhesion of coatings.


Our Performance Minerals portfolio extends to the Cat Litter industry also; Cebo’s Bentonite is used as a superior absorbent to improve odour control and moisture absorption of cat litter products.


Overall, Cebo International's Performance Minerals products offer high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

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