Industrial Minerals

With an annual output of more than 250 KT of processed minerals, Cebo supplies dynamic mineral solutions to industry leaders in more than 50 countries. 

At our Headquarters in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands, our impressive facilities is equipped with grinding, milling and sieving facilities and a large inhouse laboratory ensuring that strict quality control is performed by our dedicated Cebo teams throughout the entire process.

High quality industrial minerals


Bentonite is an extraordinary natural clay that has proven to be a valuable asset industry-wide due to its numerous benefits and versatility. Formed from the weathering of volcanic ash, Bentonite is largely composed of the mineral Montmorillonite. 

Cebo sources, imports and processes large quantities of Bentonite from carefully-selected, trusted mines across the world, and grades are selected by our in-house experts with a focus on premium quality. 

Due to its layered structure, Bentonite is renowned in particular for its superior absorption, hydration, binding and swelling capabilities.

High quality industrial minerals


Barite, also known as Barium Sulphate, is a dense mineral which can be used as a functional and performance additive in a wide range of products and industrial processes.

The mineral is used as a weighting agent for drilling fluids, to suppress high formation pressures and to prevent blowouts. Barite is also used in added-value applications in the form of: filler in paints and plastics, sound reduction in engine compartments, automobile coating finishes for smoothness and corrosion resistance, friction products for automobiles and trucks, radiation-shielding cement, and also glass ceramics.