In June, the theme of 'resilience against criminals' will be central to Cebo Holland's safety initiatives. This theme is part of the Sterk Noordzeekanaalgebied initiative, a collaboration with various agencies to raise awareness and resilience among employees in this region against criminals who may approach them for drug smuggling.


More information about this initiative can be found on their website.


At Cebo, we adhere to the ISPS Code, a set of rules and regulations designed to enhance the security of ships and ports against potential threats such as terrorist attacks, kidnappings, drug smuggling, human trafficking, sabotage, and vandalism.


presentatie weerbaarheid


Recently, customs officials provided two valuable resilience training sessions to employees in Floor Operations, Logistics, and the Milling Department. Additionally, posters have been distributed to report any anomalies that might be related to drug smuggling.


The theme has also been incorporated into the June Toolbox Talk, which is shared with all departments within Cebo Holland to raise awareness about the danger of being approached by criminals and how to deal with such situations.




Workplace safety is crucial. Criminals may attempt to approach employees for information or cooperation. Through initiatives like Sterk Noordzeekanaalgebied, we ensure that everyone is aware of the risks, knows how to protect themselves, and can maintain a safe work environment.