Exciting developments are underway at Cebo UK as we progress with our mobile silo project, a crucial component of our Energy Transition Strategy in the renewable energy sector. 


cebo etz grant


As previously shared, the acquisition of eight mobile silo tanks became possible through the generous £250,000 grant from ETZ Ltd as part of the ETZ Challenge Fund.


We are pleased to share an initial update and photo directly from our trusted supplier, Suretank, showcasing the silos during the manufacturing process.


These newly acquired tanks are an expansion of our existing mobile silo fleet, already being supplied to the energy industry on a rental basis as essential storage solutions for foundation grout during wind turbine jacket installation.


The primary aim of our mobile silo project is to enhance our offering and increase storage capacities, ensuring that we can meet the growing demands of the renewable energy sector, specifically in wind farm construction.


We’ll be providing timely information and project updates to give our followers an insight into the dynamic role we’re playing in the energy transition.


For now, we’re delighted to share that manufacturing has commenced! Stay tuned for further updates on our LinkedIn and website as the manufacturing phase progresses over the coming.