Cebo Holland recently marked a significant achievement in their operations within the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry. Last week, the company was honoured by the Drilling Contractor's Association (DCA) with a prestigious certificate commemorating 25 years of active membership.


cebo etz grant


The DCA, a leading technical association in Europe's HDD sector, recognized Cebo Holland's longstanding commitment to excellence and contribution to the advancement of the industry.


The milestone was celebrated at the DCA's general meeting held in Oldenburg, Germany, where Fred Blomsma, Cebo's Construction Manager (pictured on far right), received the esteemed award on behalf of the company.


Reflecting on this accomplishment, Blomsma emphasized the pivotal role the DCA has played in fostering collaboration and driving quality improvements within the HDD industry. Blomsma stated, "For many years the DCA has been a great place to meet friends in the industry. I value our discussions about quality improvements in the HDD Industry to ensure problem-free drilling operations with a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. In this way, we have continuously satisfied customers and increased our market at the same time."


By actively participating in the DCA's initiatives and engaging in constructive discussion with other members and peers, the company has not only strengthened its own expertise, but has also contributed to the collective advancement of the HDD sector. Furthermore, the recognition highlights Cebo Holland's dedication to customer satisfaction and its proactive approach to minimizing environmental impact.


As Cebo Holland continues to leverage its membership in the DCA and other industry alliances, the company is poised to lead by example and shape the future of HDD for years to come.