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  Link   Bentonite Performance Minerals (BPM)
Bentonite Performance Minerals is supplier of Wyoming bentonite for use in a wide range of applications. Cebo is distributor of BPM.
  Link   Baroid Industrial Drilling Products (Baroid IDP)
Cebo is the main distributor of Baroid IDP for the European and Eastern region since 2005. These Baroid IDP additives are specifically engineered to optimise the performance of the minerals in an expedient and cost effective manner.
  Link   Fann Instrument Company
Fann Instrument Company has been the leading supplier of quality instruments for oilfield analysis since 1939. Cebo Holland is distributor for the European market. Most common equipment and spare parts are directly available out of our stock.
  Link   Cebo UK Ltd.
A major supplier of bulk API Monogrammed Oilwell Cements. Industrial Drilling Products, chemicals and fluid testing equipment from Fann. Bulk loading hose assemblies and associated fittings, high pressure drilling and well control hose assemblies.
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