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Drill-Grout is a self-setting suspension which can be used for Horizontal Directional Drilling as well as vertical drilling to fill annular spaces completely. Drill-Grout hardens into a plastic, non permeable material with a low water permeability which prevents mixing of underground water layers.

  • Protect steel pipes against corrosion
  • Prevents subsidence and avoids damage to the embedded lines and above lying houses and roads
  • Allows complete and homogeneous filling of annular spaces
  • Protects embedded pipes against mechanical stresses
  • Effective and powerful embedding of pipes with erosion stability and volume stability
  • Compatible with ground water – as confirmed by the Hygiene Institute for the Ruhrgebiet in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Using Drill-Grout when pulling in the pipes, the annular space between the pipe or bundle of pipes is filled complete and homogeneous with Drill-Grout suspension. By using Drill-Grout, subsidence of the ground can be prevented and steel pipes are protected against corrosion.

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