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Cebo Holland is the distributor of Bentonite Performance Minerals - BPM 

For more than 40 years Cebo Holland BV has been producing and delivering high quality industrial minerals and additives, from stock and according to customer specifications.

Cebo Holland is the distributor of Bentonite Performance Minerals, LLC for Europe and surrounding countries. The first modern producer of natural Sodium Bentonite in Wyoming, Bentonite Performance Minerals (BPM), began its history in 1928 with mining and processing this high quality natural Sodium Bentonite.

Cebo Holland imports large volumes of Wyoming Bentonite grades for specialized applications such as wine/liquid clarification, water treatment, foundry, ceramics, organophilic clays etc.

Cebo Holland offers both processed as crude crushed and dried Wyoming Bentonite qualities from stock. Together with one of the largest Wyoming Bentonite exporter, Bentonite Performance Minerals LLC, Cebo Holland feels confident in servicing the European market in the full range.

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