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ImageThe industry in which Cebo Holland applies its minerals is a fast developing market. Processes are constantly being optimised and the performance of the minerals is being utilised to the utmost. In order to equal and surpass the individual customer’s needs, Cebo Holland’s objective is to deliver a complete range of additives. Since 2005 Cebo Holland is the main distributor of Baroid Industrial Drilling Products for the European and Eastern region. These Baroid IDP additives are specifically engineered to optimise the performance of the minerals in an expedient and cost effective manner.

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Baroid IDP was one of the first drilling fluid companies to apply its vast knowledge of drilling fluids to the HDD industry. Backed by the strength of a worldwide distribution network, extensive quality control from mine site to packaging, and a research and development laboratory, Baroid IDP is a manufacturer and supplier dedicated to surpassing customers' needs. The comprehensive Baroid IDP product line guarantees improved drilling performance and superior expertise in well site service.

Distribution of the Baroid IDP products
In co-operation with an international network of distributors, Cebo Holland is carrying out the distribution of the Baroid IDP products. For contact information please consult the following page, our distributors will be pleased to deliver you the best Baroid IDP products .

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