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Oil and gas drilling industry - and many other industries

ImageCebo Holland is a major supplier for the oil and gas drilling industry in the North Sea area. The facilities and know-how that we have developed in this demanding industry, have enabled Cebo Holland to successfully supply these products in several other industries, such as in civil engineering and environmental applications.

Whatever industry, our sales and service personnel are on hand to assist you whatever application is specific for your needs.

Minerals - large stock
ImageCebo Holland imports large quantities raw material such as bentonite and barite from mines across the world. With a production capacity of more than 200,000 metric tons per year, the raw material is milled or sieved in the Cebo Mill in IJmuiden. Large stocks enables Cebo Holland to store the minerals in bulk, big bags and sacked palletized material.

Furthermore is Cebo Holland supplier of dolomite, hematite and additives. For packaged material both inside and outside storage facilities up to 5,000 metric tons are available.

Delivery on time
ImageThe majority of our clients operate under high pressure and under varying situations. Our organisation is well equipped to cater for all our customer needs. The close working relationship we maintain with expert transport companies enables us to make appropriate and efficient deliveries. Cebo Holland guarantees careful and  timely delivery, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our mission: to fulfil our clients’ project and product requirements.

Cebo Holland’s objective is to optimise the performance of industrial minerals and related products, which will ultimately benefit our clients. This is obtained by guaranteed product quality, the supply of related additives, prompt delivery and if requested, application specific advice.

Cebo Holland represents quality, the capability to diversify and a “hands-on” approach.

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